Valet Rack Storage

Protect Your Boats With Our Superior Storage Services

Valet Dry Rack storage available at Trojan Landing

Trojan Landing’s Unique Service

We bring you a valet service like no other in our area; with just the click of a phone app, we will fire “Big Red” up and get your boat out of its year round dry storage location, fill up the gas tank, and have it ready and waiting for you when you arrive. You can go from car to boat without ever having to mess with the boat ramp again!

Add Years to Your Boats

Harsh climatic conditions can take a toll on your boat. Hence, it’s necessary to protect your boats from outside elements. Proper maintenance of your boat will add years to its life. At Trojan Landing Marine we pride ourselves in having a safe and dry dock built to meet your boat storage requirements. Call 304-744-8300 today!

Superb customer service

Since our inception, our professionals are committed to quality work and customer satisfaction. You can always count on our knowledgeable and reliable staff to deliver great outcomes for your boating needs. Get full re-commissioning services to get your boat back on the water safely. Benefit from our winterization, shrink wrapping, and ground storage for the off-season

Affordable rack storage rates

Take advantage of our affordable boat rack storage prices to meet your needs along with payment option plans to fit your budget

    • 20 feet and less – $100.00 / foot

    • 20 feet and less w/arch – $110.00 / foot
    • 21 to 25 feet – $120.00 / foot

    • 21 to 25 feet w/arch – $130.00 / foot

    • 26 feet and above – $130.00 / foot
    • 26 feet and above w/arch – $140.00 / foot
    • Boats with 9′ beam and above – $150.00 / foot
    • Boats with 9′ beam and Tower/arch – $160.00 / foot

High-quality boat storage services

Our professionals carry years of experience in boating services. Rely on us to safely park your boats, haul them out when you need them, clean, refuel and re-install covers and more!

Protect Your Boats With Our Superior Storage Services at Trojan Landing


Do you want the convenience of indoor storage with out the hassle of a trailer?
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